Christmas Pictures, 2nd Birthday, and Camera tragedy

Inspired by Katie – I thought I’d share our Christmas photo for this year. A local photographer donated her time and gave cds of the shot for a donation for a local family with two little kids who lost everything in a fire. I think she did a terrific job and what a great way to give to the community. We’re actually considering having her do WeeMan’s two year photos.

Ugh – I can’t believe he’s almost two. I’ve got to get moving on his party invitations and get the cake set up. We’re having a train party for him this year – specifically a Chuggington party. The lady who made our wedding cake (which was DELISH!) is making his birthday cake – I’ve got some ideas – just need to get her a picture. I’ve already gotten train whistles, train suckers, and conductor hats from oriental trading. I’ve also gotten a large blank train floor puzzle. My plan is to send one car with each invitation and ask people to bring it to the party decorated so WeeMan will have a cool keepsake. We’re going to just keep it to our small group from church, immediate family, and our closest friends. So about 10 families. Of course that means I’ve got 10 invitations to make and get in the mail!

In other news my garage sale Olympus camera croaked on me today – I loved that camera – it was about a $300 camera I picked up for $50 two and a half years ago. Of course it was a couple of years old when I got it – and yes I definitely got my money’s worth out of it…. but I couldn’t fathom going back to using my cheap little Kodak – especially not with Christmas and birthday looming so close. So after work we headed down to the Walmart (In our little town Walmart is about our only option – much as I hate it) and picked up a Canon PowerShot sx210. It seems to be a nice camera with a lot of cool features – so I can’t wait to play around with it. Unfortunately – I don’t have the right camera cards here – they’re at school. So I guess I’ll be waiting to mess around with it until tomorrow.

Only 5 more days of school left until break. Woohoo!


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