Another Day – Another Blessing

After a bit of a scare on Monday – that perhaps our meds for IVF weren’t covered…. today was a shining day. I had a message from Medco when I got home and I panicked – b/c that’s what I do best – panic and expect the worst! Well instead they were calling to go through the order and the cost with me – which was right around $50 – yep that’s for EVERYTHING!! Pain killers for the day of the procedures, lupron for prep, ovidrel to stimulate ovulation, the meds for afterwards and the four follistem CARTRIDGES – that they told me on Monday were not covered b/c they only covered follistem in a vial. I know that any of you who have been through all this know what a blessing that this is – usually all these meds would cost us at least $2000 – which we just don’t have. We’ve got the money for the IVF – but we didn’t borrow over for the meds – so Monday was a little nerve wracking – until Dr. B said they could make the vials work.

Once more I find us in a place where God is opening doors and watching over us every step. Even seeing and knowing that it is so hard for me to just have faith and let HIM work in this – I struggle daily with giving up control and in spite of my lack of trust and faith HE still keeps offering his hand.


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