A Unexpected Beautiful Weekend

This was supposed to be a big weekend for us.  Hubby and I were planning to leave WeeMan with my mom and go out for our 5 year anniversary somewhere really nice in the BIG city.  We had hotel reservations and big plans… but hubby ended up working and then going to the ER (I refrained from pointing out that for the past two weeks I’ve been telling him to go to the doctor b/c I was sure he had bronchitis) So our early start became a late start.  Dinner in the big city ended up being dinner at a Cracker Barrel near our hotel – where Grandma picked up WeeMan.  Our big night ended up ending at 9:30 b/c we were both exhausted and fell asleep watching re-runs on the hotel tv.  (Yes – hubby does have bronchitis and does feel much better after 48 hours of antibiotic and yes I refrained from saying I told you so.) However in spite of our plans going awry it was a nice weekend.  We both felt well rested on Sunday when we headed to mom’s for church and family Christmas. 

The church service Sunday – that made our weekend beautiful.  The little country church I had grown up in asked mom to try to get us all together for a Sunday.  They wanted to honor my daddy with an Elder Emeritus award.  It was so much more than I imagined or expected.  All of the elders – past and present went to the stage.  The ones doing the actual presentation to our family shared how they felt influenced by my dad b/c as they were coming in as Elders he was wrapping up his last term.  The Elders who had served with him – many of them spoke and shared how they admired my dad and how he had exemplified what it means to be an Elder and how he would never have wanted this recognition during his lifetime b/c he was a quiet man who served without needing or requiring admiration or credit.  As I listened to their words and felt their love and respect for my father I regretted not having our camera to record what they were saying – so that someday when WeeMan asks about his grandpa, his namesake, he could hear from others what kind of man he was.  My heart aches knowing that WeeMan won’t grow up really knowing the man his grandfather was.  Fortunately they still do audio recordings of the church services and one of the wonderful women is going to talk to the right people about having a recording made for WeeMan.  Also she had her camera with her and is going to email me pictures.  These are things that I will tuck away in our memory box – so that someday WeeMan can know what a great man his papaw was. 

We wrapped up the weekend with our family Christmas at mom’s.  WeeMan of course came home with way too many toys.  So we cleaned out the playroom as soon as we got home and boxed some things up for Goodwill and somethings for future Wee ones. 

On that note my IVF meds arrived on Friday – 5 large boxes.  Now my refridgerator resembles a pharmacy!


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