My Precious Gift

Happy Birthday to my miracle boy! 
It’s hard to believe you’re two years old today.  You’re growing and changing so fast.  Mommy and Daddy would love to freeze these moments – so that when you’re a big boy we can go back and remember all the little snuggles and the giggles you bring to our lives.  You are our precious gift from God above.  You were longed for and prayed for by more people than you will ever know and after two long long years God blessed us with you – and we couldn’t have asked for more. 
This year has been a year of growing for you.  You had your first surgery – tubes in both ears.  You had your first overnight at Grandma’s.  You learned to sing and do somersaults. You’ve learned to talk and jabber all the time.  Mommy’s favorite sound is your voice – especially when you’re saying “Wuf you mommy”.  Daddy and I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for you.
Happy Birthday WeeMan!!

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