Welcome 2011

2010 was a good year for our family.  It was a year of just being a family – no major changes, but a some big dreams were begun.  We made some new good friends – people that we will walk through 2011 with – people that have prayed with us and share our dreams.  In fact we celebrated the end of 2010 with what I consider our family’s best friends.  Our kiddos played until they dropped, and we were able to sneak out for a nice dinner for a couple of hours (our favorite sitter came and watched the munchkins) then it was back to their house for games while the littles played some more.  A good night in my mind – even if we didn’t toast the end with champagne and fancy party clothes.  People say that whatever you’re doing at the end of the old year is what you’ll spend the new year doing… well if that’s the case I look forward to 2011 filled with friendship, laughter, family, and hope. 

As 2010 has drawn to a close I’ve felt peace with our journey to have more children.  I know God’s hand is there guiding us and no matter what happens – it’s all part of HIS plan.  If WeeMan is to be our only child – well then I am blessed beyond belief to have him. 

My goals for 2011
* Pray daily and frequently
* Cherish my hubby and my WeeMan every single day – even when I’m tired and exasperated
* Cook healthier meals for my family
* Stick to our budget using the envelope system
* Get myself and hubby healthier
* Continue moving forward with IVF and trusting God to lead us


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