Hope, Honey Do Lists, and Tons of TP

One more day of Christmas break left and then it’s back to work for me and the sitter for WeeMan.  Hubby – the lucky dog – still has a week and a half of shut down time from his job.  (Of course he may not think he’s all that lucky now that he’s seen his Honey Do list!)

We spent the day in the city.  I had to go up to Dr. B’s office to fill out some paperwork and be weighed before the IVF process.  We’re just praying right now that God’s will will be done.  It would be nice to have the safety of the multicycle program – but we’re praying that only if it’s God’s will.  I’m a sign kind of girl – so whatever the decision is I’ll probably see as a sign.  Seems like I’m always looking for signs or messages from God telling me whether I’m making the right decisions.  Of course then I’m always second guessing myself – wondering if it was a sign or just what I wanted to see – and wondering did he send me a sign and I miss it completely.  Sometimes I need things spelled out pretty clearly.  My biggest complaint right now is all the waiting and the wondering and the worrying (the three big W’s) I’m trying to pray when I feel myself start to worry – and it’s helping some… but then I feel guilty for bugging God all the time.  (What can I say I have issues!) I feel optimistic right now – that we’re doing the right thing.  At church yesterday we sang a song that gave me hope and pulled me through when we were going through the first IVF “Song of Hope” and we don’t usually sing that one – in fact we haven’t sung it in a LONG time and on the way home today hubby and I saw a piece of a rainbow – one of those ones that are made when the sun reflects just right off the moisture in a cloud.  So I’m taking those as signs and continuing to move forward and just let God.

In less deep news while we were in the city we renewed our Sam’s Club membership – and we managed to get in and out without 500 lightbulbs and 10 gallons of shower cleaner.  I had a list, my calculator, and a plan …. and we stuck to it!  When we used to go to Sam’s we’d get sucked in by the giant amounts of things and end up leaving with enough toilet paper for a family of 6 for a year – and there were only 2 of us!  I did leave with quite a bit of frozen fish – tilapia and flounder.  One of my goals this year is for us to eat healthier – and I’m thinking one way to do that is to add more fish to the menu.  So if you have any healthy fish recipes – well I’m in the market – send them my way. 

We also started our bathroom demolition project tonight.  (Hubby is still grumbling under his breath at me!) I love our old house – but it never fails when we start a project – well it ends up being quite a bit bigger and trickier than planned.  (Did I mention that it needs to be done by Saturday at 3 – which is when we will have a house full of friends and family to celebrate WeeMan’s b-day?)  The thing that makes us the craziest about this house  is that if the project involves the original part of the house – which is over a 100 years old- we don’t run into many problems.  It’s when we start fixing things in the kitchen and the bathroom which were redone and added onto in the 80’s that we end up shaking our heads and grumbling.  Sadly – both were added on by the homeowner who was a contractor and had his own business and later became the county building inspector – so you would really expect that things were done well and done right.  (Hahahaha)  Anyways I’ll keep you posted on the progress – and don’t worry I remembered to take before pictures.  Tomorrow our goal is to get the primer done and the tile board up around the tub surround. 

Tomorrow I’m also going to try to use up our leftover corn beef from New Years by making Reuben Soup – I know cheese and cream don’t equal healthy eating – but I need to use up the corn beef.  I’ll let you know how the soup turns out and if it’s yummy I’ll post the recipe.


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