My version of the pantry challenge

I’ve decided to join up with the Pantry Challenge this year.  I followed along last year and admired what the other ladies were able to do and half way thought about joining in – but it seemed like a lot of work and not something I really wanted to fully do.  Well being that my goals this year are to stick to a budget and to eat healthier – I’ve decided this year I need to challenge myself and join in.  So here’s my adapted plan

1.  Spend $200 a month on groceries for our family of three – this is about half of what I used to spend … I think.  (It’s hard to tell when you are always stopping at the store for this and that!)

2.  Be more deliberate when making a grocery list and use things I have in the house.  Limit grocery shopping to one trip per week – not nightly stops on the way home from work to pick up this and that.

3.  Limit meals out to twice per week – maximum.

4.  Cook healthier meals – and different meals from the same old thing – which has been my habit in the past.  This also includes cooking one nonmeat meal per week and using more fish.

5.  Be more creative and less wasteful with leftovers – freeze things for meals later in the month.  (Hubby is not a leftover eater at least not more than once in a week.)

6. Take one weekend night a month for the whole family to help cook dinner. (I’ve already talked to hubby about this and while he’s not super excited – he’s willing to give it a shot.)

7. Continue to menu plan weekly for dinner.  (Lunch is brown bag for both of us) I’m also going to start posting the menu on my blog in the hopes that that will help me stick to it better. 

So that’s a lot of goals for the new year – but I’m optimistic and I think I can do it.  I’ll be posting on here regularly to let you know how I’m doing.  Here’s hoping I can do it!


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