My Menu Plan for the week 1/2/11

I’m linking up with  I’m an Organizing Junkie  for Menu Plan Monday

I know this is a little late, but I did post it on my fridge on Sunday and so far we’ve stuck to it.  With the big expenses coming up at the end of the week, I’m going to have to be super vigilant about watching the budget and not letting us eat out too often.

Here’s the dinner plan for the week (lunches for hubby and I are usually brown bag sandwiches and breakfast is cereal)

Sunday: Leftover tacos or nachos
Monday:  Pancakes (I’ll be making a double batch so I can stick the leftovers in the freezer for WeeMan’s breakfasts this week and next)
Tuesday: Reuben Soup using leftover corned beef from New Year’s Day, multigrain  bakery bread (found it one the day old aisle and froze it)
Wednesday : parmesan crusted tilapia, salad, and bruschetta
Thursday: Sloppy joes, waffle fries, green beans
Friday: Homemade pizza
Saturday: WeeMan’s birthday party (cake for the party), Lasagna, Italian Cheese Bread Ring, salad (for family afterwards)

It’s back to work for me tomorrow – so hopefully I can stick to my plan.  I’m hoping to get my dough for pizza made tomorrow night – it needs a day in the fridge.  Then Friday night dinner will be simple and I can get the cheese bread put together and the lasagna baked.


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