Our Bathroom re-do (for less than $100)

We had the most disgusting bathroom in the world  – well maybe not disgusting – but it definitely had issues.  Before my hubby and I were married it was a terrible brownish peptobismal pink.  The color you can see behind the light fixture.  I changed it to what I was sure would be a soothing spa green not long after the big day.  Unfortunately I didn’t bother to prime and this was the stage in my life where I thought cheap paint did the same thing as the better stuff.  ( don’t worry I’ve learned my lesson!)
These pictures were actually taken after the work was started.  Thus the two color wall.  There used to be a big wooden medicine cabinet – circa 1983 and no light fixture.  We bought the light fixture on clearance about two years ago with the thought of doing this project back then – after leaving the store the fixture resided in our garage.   These are the before pictures. 
Cluttered and unorganized was the theme for the room.

More clutter and chaos

Above the shower the paint was cracking and chipping and MILDEWING!!

One week of elbow grease, a can of mold and mildew resistant primer, a can of good paint, and some tile boards bought with a Christmas giftcard ( under a $100)

The walls are a now a relaxing lilac grey

Our shower looks and feels like a hotel shower

My storage is now organized

My walls are mostly  clear                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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