This weeks results of the Pantry Challenge and the Menu Plan for next week

We did pretty good this week all things considered.  I made two impromptu changes to the menu plan from last week.  On Wednesday we had leftovers instead of Parmesan Crusted tilapia, on Thursday we had sloppy joes and waffle fries, and on Friday we ordered pizza from Pizza Hut instead of homemade – we had a gift card though so dinner was free – but honestly homemade would have been better.  We ate out twice last week – Saturday morning for breakfast at our favorite diner and today for lunch.  So our eating out total was right at $26 – pretty close to what I had budgeted.   I also managed to spend only $60 on needed groceries for next week – which is only $10 above the budget.  (Getting better at this!)

So here’s the menu plan for the week
Breakfasts will be cereal or oatmeal – frozen pancakes for WeeMan

Lunches for the week will be leftovers or lunch meat sandwiches.

Sunday dinner : grilled cheese with bruschetta and salad
Monday : chili and cornbread
Tuesday: meat free – bean and cheese burritoes, salad, applesauce
Wednesday: Tilapia, cheese potatoes
Thursday: leftover night
Friday: Homemade pizza (for real this time) friends over for game night
Saturday: grilled steaks, baked potatoes, salad, bruschetta

I don’t foresee needing anything from the store, although I’m sending hubby back tonight for Hot Wheels.  Our grocery store has them marked down to 30 cents and there perfect incentives for WeeMan’s potty training and small gifts for Easter, etc…. 


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