WeeMan’s Big Day

WeeMan’s birthday was the 29th of December, but since that weekend was New Year’s  we decided to hold off until this weekend for his big party.  We had a small party on his birthday and gave him his big present that day.  Today was the day for him to party with his friends – and a good time was had by all.  Here are a few of the pictures from the day. 

His cake was Chuggington.  The lady that made our wedding cake actually made it and the cupcakes and charged us only $40.  I’m pretty sure I’d have spent that much at the grocery store and not had as good a cake.  The cake was chocolate with a rich fudge filling.  DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cupcakes each had one of the main characters from Chuggington on them.  They were adorable too.  And the kids loved them – in fact one little girl wouldn’t eat hers b/c she didn’t want to eat Koko.  She wanted to take her home.

WeeMan was stylishly attired in his engineer striped bibs.  He even had a conductor hat – but as you can see it was not a big hit.

Focused on getting to the goods

This is how the party ended – WeeMan cashed out on the couch.  He was actually asleep standing up!  In fact he slept through several of the guests leaving.  That’s one pooped 2 year old!
And because a birthday’s not a birthday without an icing covered baby – here’s a shot from his actual birthday.  He had a ginormous elmo cupcake from the grocery store.  As you can see he enjoyed it!

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