Probes – an IVF update

Monday I went in for my internal ultrasound.  However you’re imagining they do it – well you’re probably right.  (Thus the title)  First I have to share a funny – I hurried back to work after my appointment b/c I had to be in a meeting about testing kids for special needs the rest of the day and wouldn’t you know it my principal kept calling some of the testing measures probes…. which of course if you had spent the morning doing what I was doing had a whole different meaning … so I had a bit of a hard time not giggling at inappropriate moments.  (Awwww the joys of IVF)

As far as the IVF update goes everything inside looked wonderful.  Unfortunately my estradiol (I think that’s what it was) was a smidge too high.  They like it to be at 50 and I was at 61.  Dr B has me upping my lupron for the next couple of days and then I’m heading back on Thursday for another check.  If my numbers are lower we’ll be able to start follistem and menopur on Friday.  (Those are the actual fertility meds)  I’ve tried to count things out and it looks like we’d be set for IVF the last week of Jan if everything goes well. 


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