Blue Day

What started out as a fantastic day – has ended a little blue.  I had to go back up to the city today to have my numbers rechecked since they were slightly too high on Monday, so I took a sick day and we dropped WeeMan off with the sitter and then hubby and I ran away for the day.  It was wonderful to be able to spend the day together wondering around the mall and shopping without a two year old.  We used one of our gift cards and had lunch for free at RedRobin and we hit a great sale at Fashion Bug – where I stacked coupons and got a heck of a deal on bras that actually fit.  (Turns out I needed a smaller band size and a bigger cup size and suffice it to say – it’s going to be hard to find bras based on the new correct size!) It was a wonderful day – kind of like when we were first dating.  We’re counting this as our January date night – which kind of helps the budget b/c we didn’t have to factor in extra for the babysitter and lunch was free.

Unfortunately the blue came in when Dr B’s office called.  My estradiol number has not gone down – in fact it went from 61 to 68 (we need it to be 50 or lower)  So I have to keep up the elevated lupron dose and go back on Monday.  Hopefully Monday will bring about better results.  I’m trying really hard to remember to have faith and trust God.  But I’m blue tonight.


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