Faith, where are you?

Just got news a couple of hours ago that we have to cancel this IVF cycle this month.  Estradiol numbers went up again.  Going back on the pill for a month and then Dr. B will try something different when my next cycle starts.  I’m really struggling to find the bright side – right now only two things.  1. Technically this doesn’t count towards our two cycles with Attain b/c we never started stimulating meds.  2. This will mean we will be gearing up for IVF beginning of March which is when we did our first IVF and got pregnant with WeeMan.  (More interesting than bright side – but I’m trying.) 

Right now I want to go curl up in my bed and have a crying jag and then eat every piece of chocolate in the house.  I know neither is effective – and I’m trying to talk to God about it…. but I’m sad and angry and just don’t feel like talking. 

Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day….


3 thoughts on “Faith, where are you?

  1. K, so I also talked to God today…but I did eat my fill of Lindor Chocolates, anyway…gotta admit, it was just one of those days! However, I'm glad I had my sweet tea with the Creator early this morning, bc I'm geared up, lived through the day and am ready to pray on your behalf! Love the picture on your header, btw 🙂

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