Rough week Wrap up

This was a rough week.  I was down a lot of it.  Then to top off my aching heart on Friday I unexpectedly and very suddenly developed an infection in my throat.  By the time I got home from work I was aching everywhere and running a fever – so back out into the cold I went to Redimed.  They didn’t do a strep test – but the doctor was pretty sure I was on my way to strep throat.  Augmentin was prescribed – which it turns out is a ginormous antibiotic.  (Why oh why do they prescribe ginormous pills when you’re throat is so swollen and sore – is it so they can torture you a bit more)  The rest of Friday and most of Saturday morning was spent on the couch in a miserable, feverish, stupor while darling hubby chased  WeeMan throughout the house and made sure he had food and water and lots of love.  By Saturday night I was beginning to return to normal and this morning I woke up with nary a fever or an ache in sight. 

So I wrapped up my rough week watching football, crafting, playing cars, and planning for the week ahead.  My heart is hurting a little less and the bitterness is mostly gone – I’m hoping that is a sign that the week ahead has only happiness lying in wait for me.


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