Organizing Weekend

We had another snowy weekend here in Indiana.  They were calling for an inch of snow and we got 5 in less than 8 hours.  Weather guys were a little off!  I made good use of our snowy weekend at least. 

Friday I ended up at the doctor turns out I had strep throat.  It pretty much made it’s way through the entire family, but at least I had the weekend to recuperate. 

Thanks to a Zpack I was feeling mostly better by Saturday.  I was able to organize our pantry shelves and get a good idea of what I still had plenty of and what I need to stock up on.  I also made a meal for a family at our church that just had a baby.  When hubby got home from work, (They had to make up for the day he was shutdown during the week) we decided to brave the county roads and deliver the meal.  We did pretty good until we got stuck in the drifts in their driveway.  After being pulled out and dropping the meal off, we were off to Walmart.  (An exciting night in the big town for us.) We hit the clearance aisle at Walmart and I got most of the Christmas shopping done for my nieces and nephew and even got some of WeeMan’s done.  (Yep I’m rather proud of myself for that!)So far I have vetrinary kits for my nieces, a tadoodles drawing kit for my nephew, and my little ponies for my other niece.  WeeMan has a Toy Story game, a bowling set, and some Tag reader books.  (I also ordered  a Woody guitar for WeeMan using our Disney Movie Rewards.  He’s all about music and is fascinated by daddy’s “wockguitars”  – just hope I can wait until Christmas before giving him that one.

Sunday in spite of the snow we made it out to church.  Then we picked up sandwiches and headed home.  My head was killing me – I had to come home and take a nap to get rid of it.  Luckily WeeMan decided to nap too.  After our nap, I managed to get some of WeeMan’s clothes in the basement sorted.  I had several totes of size 2 and up that friends and family had given us.  I managed to sort them down to 3 totes.  One eact for size 2 winter and summer and one for size 3 and up.  WeeMan is definitely set for size 2.  When garage sale season comes around I’ll have to remind myself not to buy him any clothes in size 2.  I’ve also got several boxes ready for our garage sale during spring break.  Of course we wrapped up the evening by watching the Superbowl.  My favorite commercial was definitely the VW one with Darth Vader.  That reminded me so much of WeeMan.

I’m hoping that my AF will start this week.  It should be about time.  Of course I’m so irregular who knows when it will show up.  If I do start this week we’ll get to start the Follistem and get back on the road to IVF.  I’m anxious to get started – but as usual nervous and worrying too. 


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