Today’s Update

I had an appointment this morning for an ultrasound.  We are on cycle day 2 and everything looks fantastic – no cysts and lining is thin.  So…… I start the fertility meds tonight.  I will be injecting 150 of Menopur every evening and 150 of Follistem every morning.  I have a follow up appt for another ultrasound and bloodwork scheduled for Tuesday morning.  I’m in that sick and excited place.  I’m terrified that something will go wrong with my numbers this cycle and we won’t even get to the actual IVF – but once the fertility meds are started this will count as a try.  If you’re new to following we qualified for a program that allows us to fresh IVF cycles and two frozen transfers for a set price.  It’s nice to know you have more than one shot and it reduces some of the anxiety… but I’m a worrier by nature.  I’m trying very hard to pray when I feel myself start to worry.  I’m also still counting my blessings today. 

Depending on how everything goes the average time between the start of meds and the IVF is 10 days, but it could be shorter or longer.  Things are going to move very quickly for us this cycle.  Just hope that we can remember to keep our eyes and our hearts open to God during the rollercoaster.

In nonbaby making news, this is going to be a quiet weekend.  I hope.  My mom is coming up tonight for a visit.  She lives about three hours south so she will spend the weekend.  I made pizza dough last night so tonight’s menu will be homemade pizza and tomorrow we are making Chicken Noodle Casserole.  (yummy!) I also need to get groceries tomorrow, find a Valentine’s gift for my hubby, (no clue as to what I’m going to get or make him.  UGH! Nothing like waiting for the last minute, right?), and I’m hoping to get some bread baked.  At least most of the weekend will be at home!  Oh and Sunday night is our small group night – so I need to make sure I’ve got the chapter read and some discussion points.  We’re reading “One Million Arrows – Raising your Children to Change the World” by Julie Ferwerda.  (Great read for parents!)


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