Follicle Update

Yesterday I went to the RE for an u/s and some bloodwork.  I had 11 follicles – 5 on the right and 6 on the left all were measuring between 8 and 10.  There were several more on the left that were smaller and a few more on the right that were smaller.  My estradiol level came back in the 400s -so the new plan is 250 of Follistem every morning, 225 of menopur every night, and I started my ganirelix shots last night.  Three shots a day – I’m feeling a little like a pincushion – but I would easily do 100 shots a day for another blessing like our WeeMan.

I think the meds are making me tired.  I am usually zonked out by 9 on the couch.  I kind of remember being tired the first go round.  So far at least I’m not too moody and not too swollen.  This part of the process is hard for me b/c it’s so difficult to trust when you can’t see or feel what’s going on.  It’s that faith thing – I’m noticing it’s a recurring theme as I fill out my Beth Moore study – faith seems to be the thing holding me back.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning – hopefully everything will still look good and there’ll be a few more follicles. 


One thought on “Follicle Update

  1. That is encouraging!!!! Been thinking about ya, even though I haven't been "around" here to say hi. I'm almost done reading Ann's book, it takes me forever to read these days. I've loved it so much, though!

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