One of the joys of infertility is the waiting.  Seems like I spend a big portion of my day waiting.  Yesterday was spent waiting on the pharmacy to call me back to set up delivery of refills of my meds.  Today I’m waiting on the doctor to call me back with my bloodwork numbers.  I went in early for my ultrasound and today there were 18 measurable follicles.  3 of them within the 12 – 14 range the others were mostly around 9 or 10.  They retrieve eggs when the follicles are between 16 and 22.  So hopefully some of those others will catch up.  There were 11 on my left side.  (Apparently that side is the worker bee! ) That’s up from 6 on Tuesday.  There were 7 on my right which is up from 5, but there may have been more.  My right ovary likes to hide (from the way it felt behind my tonsils)  When the office calls back they’ll let me know if we’re changing my meds and when I need to go back.  I think they’ll want to see me again Saturday morning – unless something was hinky with the blood work.  Hopefully the ganirelix is doing it’s job and slowing those numbers down.  (I would say that’s one of my biggest worries right now)  Best guesstimate is retrieval in the middle or end of next week – we’ll have to WAIT and see.

Update – I go back for another scan and blood work on Saturday morning at 9:15.  Numbers look great – my estradiol is at 1300 now.  They can’t get me in until 9:15 so I’ll be a bit late for my pedi…. bummer.  But it’s worth it.  In the meantime I’ve gone from a normal human being to a human being with a balloon in my stomach!!  I’ve forgotten how fast things change and how miserable the ovary growing can be…. but it’s all totally worth it!  Grow follicles grow!


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