Wrapping up the weekend and the week ahead

It’s been a busy weekend.  I had to go to Dr. B’s office again on saturday for more bloodwork and another ultrasound.  Things were looking good, but my left ovary is just chock full of follicles and they’re not quite big enough.  So we’re plugging onward.  I went down to Carmel today for another scan and more bloodwork and first of all let me say I prefer my Fort Wayne girls so much.  The girls in the indy office just aren’t the same.  (Of course I don’t see them all the time either- probably has something to do with it) Anyways things are still slow on the left side so he’s trying to push us one more day.  I go back to Fort Wayne tomorrow for another scan and more bloodwork.  The right side has about 6 that are very near 20 ( Not sure on all the sizes, b/c the Indy girl didn’t say the sizes as she measured) I do know she found more than 13 on the left.  Hopefully the extra day gives them the time to come up to size and doesn’t cause me to lose the others.  The bloodwork has still looked good.  Although the estrodial number more than doubled overnight.  So I’m a little concerned about that. 

We’ll see what the girls say tomorrow.  I feel more comfy talking to them and asking them my worrywart questions since they know me so well.  I am noticing that I’m bloated.  Not miserably so this weekend – but I’ve been on my tush a LOT this weekend.  So I’m not looking forward to the end of the day on Monday after working all day.  I might be singing a different tune then. 

Friday I stayed home with WeeMan.  He had a low grade fever and an awful cough – actually threw up a bit Friday morning from the cough.  The fever is gone, but the cough remains and I can just tell from his eyes he’s not feeling good.  It’s so hard at this age since there’s no meds I can give him to help him with the cough.  Poor baby was up last night from midnight on.  He wasn’t acting too sick – wanted to play and climb on mommy who was trying to doze on the couch since I had a two hour drive bright and early this morning.  He just wasn’t having it and I’m pretty sure the cough is what woke him up.  Hopefully he gets a whole nights sleep tonight.

Saturday I got an amazing pedi, mani, and hot stone massage.  It was a groupon deal from back in November.  Got it for half price and it was so worth it.  Saturday night hubby and I ventured out for our date since WeeMan was fever free.  We went to see “I am Number 4” (okay movie but not fantastic) and then ate dinner at a diner here in town.  Kind of laid back for date night – but not bad.

So the week ahead for us is going to be busy.  It looks like probably we’ll do retrieval of the eggs on Wednesday.  Then I think that means the transfer would be Friday or Saturday.  Please pray for us that God continues to guide us and the doctor. Of course we’re praying for another miracle baby. 


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