Waiting and more waiting

Today we went down to Carmel for egg retrieval.  Dr.B was able to get 11 eggs. Last time we had a dozen, but only four were mature enough to fertilize and of those four only two made it through.  So…. here’s hoping that more of the 11 were mature.  I had so many follicles this time it’s hard to believe they were only able to get 11.  I was hoping for more… but maybe all 11 or most of the 11 will be mature and ready to go.  Tonight will be a long night.  They’ll call tomorrow morning probably between 9 and 10 to give us the egg report.  I’ve decided that out of everything you go through in IVF discomfort, shots, pain, embarrassment, the waiting is one of the worst things. 

This round has certainly been different than the first time.  My estrogen level was over 6000 on Monday, so we had to trigger ovulation a different way.  Dr. B used lupron instead of hcg.  Lupron will hopefully prevent Ovarian HyperStimulation Syndrome, b/c it should quiet my ovaries right down.  The bad side of lupron is that it will tell my body not to make the pregnancy hormones I need – so I will be using progesterone in oil shots every night (OUCH! Those go in the bum and they hurt!) and vivelle patches.  Hopefully, they will do what they need to do.  First thing though is waiting to see if we have any nice strong embryos to implant.

Any prayers are deeply appreciated at this point.


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