Egg Watch 2011

God is definitely watching over us through this round of Invitro. Great news today. 10 of our 11 eggs were mature enough to fertilize. As of this morning 9 of those 10 were showing signs of fertilization. Compared to our first go round three years ago that’s fantastic. Our first time we had a dozen eggs and only four were mature enough to fertilize – out of those four only two were viable. This is much better.

I also was blessed with a snow day today – supposedly the roads were icy in the country. Whatever the reason – I was thrilled to be able to stay home and rest and take my vicodin. I’m still a little tender, but getting around pretty good. I’ve not had to use nearly as many days off as I was afraid I would thanks to the weather – which as a friend pointed out is probably God watching over us again.

I started my new meds today. Hubby is having to give me my progesterone in oil shots in me bum every night. I think he was a bit dismayed with the size of the needle. He was upset that it hurt me. I keep telling him that in the end it’s all worth it. I also put on my three virelle patches tonight. I made the mistake of reading all the precaution stuff on those. Little scary – links to heart disease and cancer. I’m not sure how long I will have to do all of this. It looks like Dr B is expecting at least a month – maybe longer. I’ll ask the nurses when I talk to them tomorrow. I’ll do it as long as I need to for another sweet little baby.

We’re scheduled to go down Saturday at 8:15 for our transfer – unless they call and say they want to wait until Monday. If the embryos are doing really well, they’ll wait.

Tonight we’re watching the weather. We’re under a winter storm warning (will we ever see the end of winter) – I’m betting I’ll have tomorrow off too. Mom is on her way up here tonight to try to avoid the snow and the blowing. It’s all supposed to start after midnight. We’re supposed to get 8 or more inches.


3 thoughts on “Egg Watch 2011

  1. More snow? 8 inches? I think Bloomington is just south of the snow to rain line. It is very cold and rainy and nasty here. Saying a prayer for you and your eggs. My girls did IVF and we lost half of them overnight. That made me feel so sad. But, it took and baby is due three weeks from today. She is dialated 1 cm! My first grandchild! Hugs to you, stay warm! Cheryl

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