Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the big day.  We made it about halfway down to Indy on Saturday morning and stopped for breakfast.  While we were at breakfast the lab called to tell us that they wanted to push us to Monday for the transfer.  We had four 10 cell embryos – which was great and 3 8 cell and 1 6 cell that looked good – but not great.  Everything was going well and because of that they wanted to wait until Monday to do the transfer.  On Monday all our embryos should be between 100 and 150 cells (amazing and miraculous the growth that happens in such a short time) They feel they will be better able to pick the BEST two embryos for transfer and we have a 30% higher chance of pregnancy.  So – everything is looking wonderful – praise GOD!  Now my main worry is whether my progesterone and estrogen levels are where they need to be with the patches and the shots.  (Come on I’m always going to find something to worry about!)  We have to be at the clinic by 9:15 tomorrow.  An added bonus is that our dr – Dr. B will be the one doing the transfer.  (On saturday it would have been one of the other doctor’s in the practice)  I’m optimistic – but I’m scared to be too optimistic.  I know that the 10 days before the first test will be SOOOOOO long.  Then there will be the two more days until we can do another test and then the weeks until an u/s.  But in spite of all the waiting – I’m feeling happy and hopeful.  I keep remembering the mustard seed and that faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  Surely I can dredge up at least that much faith.  After all God has watched over us through every step of this process the first time and this time. 


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