Only 6 days until our first test.  At least the time is going a bit faster now.  On the bright side I woke up this morning just a little queasy – not pukey queasy but little belches queasy.  I had the same symptom when I was pregnant with WeeMan.  I’m trying not to get too excited and hopeful about this – but it is a sign of optimism.  (assuming I’m just not getting sick)  I’ve also been TIRED every night – falling asleep on the couch between 8 and 9 but that’s not too different than normal so I’ve tried not to put too much stock into that.  I was burping and queasy until about 10 and then I ate some cereal and it went away.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  If I wake feeling the same way maybe I’ll put a little more stock in it meaning a positive outcome. 

We’re planning to stay busy this weekend.  Anything to keep my mind off of the test and how slowly time is passing.


One thought on “Promising

  1. That's got to be so nerve racking to wait. I'd say not to think about it, but that's impossible. The queasiness sounds good. Good luck!

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