Trying to Stay Busy Weekend

I spent the weekend trying to stay busy so I could keep my mind off my still faraway test.  (Okay much less far away now – only 4 days tomorrow – 4 exceedingly long days!)  Saturday was a little rough.  Hubby wanted to go to the dork store to play for awhile…. so I piddled around the house and tried to entertain WeeMan.  We did go to a late breakfast at Johnny’s (our favorite hometown diner).  Hubby came home around 3 and we headed to the city for his late birthday present and dinner with my brother – Unca Wy to Weeman.  Our first stop was Target – picked up hubby’s Kindle and a case for it – plus bargain number 1 Bambi on blu-ray for $12.99 (Thank you  I was hoping to get some of their ballet flats – they were on sale for $8 this week – but the only color they had in my size was black.  So I got one pair.  While at Target Hubby and I had to make use of the family bathroom for my 5:00 shot.  (Hubby is still having to give me a progesterone shot in my bum every night at 5 – he probably will the entire first trimester if we’re preggars) Right after we walked in there was a knock on the door and we both froze figuring it was a manager thinking we were going in there to fool around.  It wasn’t – whew – difficult explanation to make.  So then we headed over to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner.  Long wait b/c we hit right at dinner time… but the food was good and the service once we were seated was fast.  WeeMan of course had had enough at that point and not even Unca Wy could coax a smile.  Needless to say most of mommy’s dinner came home with her, b/c who can eat when you’re entertaining an angry two year old.

After dinner we went over to PetSmart for two new fish and two snails.  Hopefully Mickey the platy doesn’t pick on these two mollies.  They’re bigger than him… so maybe he’ll leave them alone.  The snails should have plenty to eat.  We’ve got quite a bit of algae built up now.  WeeMan loves watching the snails move around and we’re all surprised at how fast they move.  While the menfolk were finishing up at PetSmart I headed over to FashionBug.  It was 50% off everything if you were a VIP member yesterday and I needed some dressy capris and shirts for work.  (I have faith that at some point spring will come.)  I spent about $100 – which for me is quite a lot… but I got several outfits.  Then when I checked out I ended up with $75 worth of coupons on future purchases… so I feel like I did pretty good.  I will definitely be heading back for a swimsuit and maybe some summer tops. 

Tomorrow morning I’m back up to Dr. B’s but it’s just to check my progesterone and estrogen levels.  (sigh) I dearly wish that it was for the big test.  But I don’t think it will have been long enough.  😦  Of course I’ll ask them if they’re sure they can’t do it while I’m there tomorrow.  I have had a few more bouts of minor heartburn… and felt a tiny bit queasy this morning until I ate something.  But nothing like Friday.  I’m in that crazy place where I just keep looking for signs everywhere.  If you’ve ever experienced the 2 week wait I’m sure you know exactly what crazy place I’m talking about.  Everytime I start to get to anxious I repeat the words to Toby Mac’s chorus to myself. 


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