Will Spring Break Ever Get Here?

Two more weeks until spring break and I honestly don’t know if I’m going to make it.  (I know I know I say that every year… but this year I’m serious) Actually I’m not completely worried about me… I’m afraid that there may be massive casualties in my room in the next two weeks if there’s not some serious attitude adjustments.  You see fifth graders – well – they really start to think they’re the rulers of the building as the end of the year approaches and my normally decently well behaved kiddos turn into something else.  I know we’re just all ready for a break from each other – so I’m praying for patience and kindness as I deal with them.  At least it’s the weekend – finally!

I’m pretty excited about this weekend too.  It’s going to be another busy weekend – helps to keep our minds off the fact we’re not pregnant – if we stay busy.  I’m hitting the first big garage sale of the season tomorrow.  Actually I’m planning on hitting two.  Both of them are at churches and our children’s resales.  Turns out that I was wrong about WeeMan being able to wear 24 mos or 2 T this summer.  He’s going to be in the 18 mos stuff he wore last summer again.  Which would be all good if someone (namely me) hadn’t accidently given the wrong diaper box to Goodwill.  Yep that’s right – I gave the 18 mos. stuff I was planning on saving or at the least reselling to Goodwill.  Aaaaargh.  So I need to pick up some summer things for WeeMan to at least start the season off. 

The other yaaay moment for the weekend is – Saturday is DATE NIGHT.  I’ve got two two people passes for an improv comedy show at a bar in the city for Saturday night.  (free from Groupon thanks to aa credit from a friend buying something with my link) Babysitter is coming at 6 and the show starts at 8 so dinner will be fast – we’re thinking Jimmy Johns – then we’re meeting our friends at the bar at 7:45 for the show.  The nice thing about going to a bar in the city is that there is no smoking in any bars or restaurants in the Fort.  So that means we don’t come home wreaking of smoke with sore throats.  I’m excited about a cheap date night out with my hubby.

I’m also looking forward to starting some spring cleaning this weekend and getting my tomato seeds started.  I’ve never started tomatoes from seeds so I’m a little nervous – but I thought it was worth a try.  Hopefully it works.  If it does I’ll be able to save quite a bit of money when I buy my garden plants.  Starting to get excited about garden season coming too.  Hurry up spring! 


3 thoughts on “Will Spring Break Ever Get Here?

  1. Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend. I'm jealous about the garage sale….I'm READY for that!Totally know what you mean about the 5th graders too….after all, I live with one! But I'm with you on Spring Break. Will it not come already!About your tomato seeds. Don't get bummed if it doesn't work. I just noticed this morn only one of my 4 pots planted have sprouted anything. I've not had much luck getting the plants I planted indoors to work outside, until last year when I bought a pack of 3 green cone insulators from Lowes. They are made by Burpee and they are plastic sleeves that have compartments you will with water. It looks like a tower around your tiny little plant. You can put your little plant in the garden earlier, and this protects it while it grows. Worked like a charm. Good luck with your seeds! Have a great time in Fort Wayne!

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