Sale Results

Saturday’s garage sales were okay.  I think we chose poorly in our order for going.  I thought we’d go to the one on the better side of the city first.  We got there about 15 minutes after it started and discovered it was already picked over.  Apparently sellers and workers got to shop the night before.  So of course by the time we got down on the other side of town the other one had been open for an hour and a half and it was picked over too.  I did find a few play clothes for WeeMan.  Several pairs of knit shorts that should be easy for him to pull up on his own.  Planning for potty training this summer.  He also got a bag of hot wheels, a couple of books, and some training briefs.  (I know is it gross that I bought him underoos at a garage sale?  They’re so expensive at the store new.  I washed them in really hot water with some clorox! I couldn’t pass up a bag of 8 superhero underoos for a $1.) 

I’m hoping for better luck this weekend at the BIG one.  Mandy and I have to take WeeMan and E – hubby has to work.  But we’re planning on rolling out of town around 4am.  It’s about a 2 hour drive and the sale starts at 8.  We’re hoping to be close to the first wave in this time.  I’m also hoping it’s not too chilly Saturday.  Don’t want to be miserable while waiting in line. 

I managed to do some spring cleaning over the weekend.  Cleaned out the pan cabinet and threw several nasty ones away.  Also got a lid and baking sheet organizer – so hubby isn’t as grumpy when he looks in that cabinet.  WeeMan and I also got our tomato seeds started and some pepperocini’s.  Hopefully something takes off!  The weather was beautiful most of the weekend and today.  Great beginning to spring.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to cool way off Wednesday! Grrrrr!  I’m so ready for green in my yard! 

I did some work on our stairway and our upstairs hall this weekend also.  I need to post pictures.  I took a huge area rug from one of the bedrooms and cut it down to be a runner in the hall way.  Looks much better than what I had before.  I also picked up two large collage frames at Big Lots.  Our stair well is full of pictures and we had all different frames on a very narrow ledge along the stairwell and things were always falling – so now our pictures are condensed and hung instead of propped willy nilly on the ledge.  It looks wonderful and I love having clean ledges/

Not much else going on here.  Just trying to get rhoguh the week.


One thought on “Sale Results

  1. YAY, first comment! You sound good, Mama. where are you rummaging that you are leaving at 4 a.m.? Carmel? Noblesville? Zionsville? I clean and clean and clean…I did some of that this wknd, too. xo, Cheryl

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