What We’ve Been Up too Lately – A few pictures

Haven’t posted any pics on here lately.  Probably partly because I’m still mourning the loss of my Olympus camera – my best garage sale find ever.  That camera took fantastic pictures and the point and shoot Cannon we bought – well it’s okay, but it’s not great.  I’m seriously considering trying to find a camera repair store.  I don’t know what the exact problem is – my memory card won’t lock into place so the door won’t shut and the camera can’t read the card.  It would probably cost more to fix the camera than I paid for it.  Sniff sniff….. Anyways I’ll stop whining and move on. 
Here’s just a glimpse of what the Livingston family has been up to.  There’s been bucking bronco rides in the living room.

Passed out babies on the couch.

A trip to the Meijer’s rodeo – hey for a penny  we can afford a couple of rides!

We’ve properly disposed of our day old bread. (A couple of times now)
These are the new friends we made when we disposed of our day old bread.  WeeMan can’t wait to go back.  Every day he asks about the ducks.
We’ve explored the Muncie Children’s Museum and could actually reach the water table this time.  Heaven help us!
On top of all that I’ve subjected my family to some new recipes.  Tonight’s culinary adventure was supplied by the Pioneer Woman’s blog.  I made Sour Cream Noodle Bake – followed her recipe but I added fresh mushrooms when I browned the meat.  Pretty yummy – but next time I think I’ll add a little kick to the tomato sauce. 
There’s been some panicked cleaning.  Hubby told me his parents were heading back to Michigan from Florida this weekend – which means a stop by here.  (Of course when he called them tonight he found out that their not leaving for Michigan until April 19th!) Guess I can slow that cleaning down.
We even had a surprise visit from my mom on Sunday.  She was having a blue day and wanted to spend time with the WeeMan.  These are the times when I wish she lived up here in a little house – so she didn’t have to drive so far to get her WeeMan fix – plus then Steve and I could help her with the yard and stuff.
Another week until spring break – the weather is just teasing us now.  Yesterday was beautiful and in the high 60’s.  Today’s high was in the mid40’s and that was EARLY in the morning.  So much for spring!

3 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up too Lately – A few pictures

  1. I shoot with a Nikon P80. I bought it because it was within my $500. price range and didn't have to buy extra lenses. I've had it for almost 3 years- bought it to document my Corgi's life! I'm a Nikon girl. You sound good. Keep breathing, friend. xo, Cheryl

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