Garage Sale Findings

We made it to the BIG sale by 6 this morning.  (We left here at 4:30 am – so my eyes are Very heavy right now)  After waiting 2 hours (we took turns waiting in the car with the kiddos and waiting in the line freezing) We got to go into the sale with the first wave.  Yaaaaay.  Unfortunately, the tricycles were all gone (I had hoped to get one for weeman) and there were no tables like what I wanted.  But I did end up with 7 tops, 3 pairs of bib overalls, 2 short outfits, and a pair of shoes for him.  Plus 4 adorable outfits for my sister’s little girl, and two sleepers for my friends soon to be born baby.  Plus of course we found some toys… a wheelbarrow for weeman so he can help mommy in the garden this summer, a moon dough barn set, and a Diego boat set.  I spent $50 – so I think i did pretty well.

Other exciting news is I won my the ebay auction for a new/used camera.  I’m getting an Olympu evolt 500 with two lenses and some other extrass for less than $300.  It’s coming from Ohio – so I should have it by early next week.  Yaaaay!  I’m ready to be able to play with it and get some good photos.  (I’ve missed my other Olympus so much) 

Not much else going on.  I’ll update further tomorrow – when I’m not fighting so hard to keep my eyes open!


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