Playing with my new to me camera

I’m so excited.  As many of you know my garage sale amazing camera died about a week before Christmas.  So with very little research we hurried out and bought a new point and shoot.  After all who can be without a camera at Christmas – especially if you have a two year old.  The Canon we bought on a whim is nice.  It takes okay pictures…. but it’s not as nice as my Olympus was – and the pictures were okay – but not terrific.  So… I played and tried different settings and got a little happier… but not happy enough.  Last week I finally had enough.  I had a bonus check from tutoring coming and hubby had a bonus check from work coming too.  (Doesn’t happen often at all… in fact this is the first that has happened since we got married over 5 years ago. ) Well hubby went to Home Depot and bought himself two new drills.  (I think they’re supposed to be better than the one he already had. Plus he’s looking at buying a new saw… he’s found a brand he likes better than the one he bought before we got married .) So feeling a little okay a lot jealous onto ebay I went.  Just to browse cameras and dream of the day when we could buy a new real camera.  Then I found that the Olympus evolt cameras were not going super high on ebay.  (At least not as high as the Canon Rebels) I had done some research and believed I would be happy with an evolt.  So I set my price limit and I bid in several auctions and lost… when the bid went higher than I was willing to spend.  Then finally – I won one!!  I paid for it Saturday morning…. and I came home today and there was a box sitting on our porch waiting.  And the fact that I hadn’t had more then two hours of sleep last night, (The nakes were back at 1:30 am)  was just a memory.  I unpacked my new toy and discovered a charged battery and an empty memory card and Weeman and I headed out to the great outdoors.   Here are some of the results of our photo excursion and I am completely pleased!
Super clear close ups

This was taken from on our deck several feet away from him with the basic lens
Oh yeah – daddy cut his hair last night!  It’s so short and he looks so old!

Looking for pirate ships

Both he and the dog were running in this shot.  I took it with the children setting

Digging a hole

No ships in sight

Helping mama wash dishes

Trying to decide where to dig next
I’m looking forward to spending spring break getting to know my new camera and find out everything it can do.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can spend some time at the park playing with it.

10 thoughts on “Playing with my new to me camera

  1. Great photos. I love ebay. Although I normally get my hopes up and then lose the auction at the last second. Have fun playing with your new toy!

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