Rumor Mill

My hubby works in a car factory.  The people that work there are at times like a pack of hens.  Rumors frequently fly through the plant causing uproars and worries.  Usually there is a grain of truth in every rumor that comes through.  He texted me this morning with the newest rumor to hit the floor.  This one causes me a twinge of concern, but it’s also a bit exciting – no not the word I want – curiousity rousing.  The new rumor around his plant is that the plant in Tennessee got the upgrades that were expected for our Indiana plant and that the Indiana plant would be closing if that happened.  Hubby is not worried – he says he could go with his job. Plus he’s not a worrier – he’s a go with the flow kind of guy.  Me I’m a worrier – so online I jumped – where I found nothing definitive to substantiate said rumor.

I find this one curiousity raising, b/c sometimes I’ve wondered about packing up and starting over somewhere else.  Not that I seriously considered it – but who doesn’t sometimes wonder what it’d be like to live in a different place.  The funny thing is that when the Tennessee plant reopened in the fall – hubby and I briefly discussed what it would be like to move down there.  He has a great aunt in Alabama that is more like a grandmother and she’s all alone down there.  She’s always saying she wished we lived closer.  But we would not really move down there just for that reason.  Wouldn’t it be funny though if God took the wondering and the plans right out of our hands?  Another thing that we’ve often talked about is me staying home and homeschooling weeman.  If we did have to relocate, I would probably end up staying home or subbing b/c no one is going to hire a teacher with 13 years.  They would have to pay more than a new teacher straight out of school.  Just an interesting thought that once again God may be working on things we have no idea about. 

I’m just going to pray that whatever is meant to happen, happens and that God works his ways.  Just finding it all interesting. 


2 thoughts on “Rumor Mill

  1. We are in Virginia and not far from the Tennessee border. It's beautiful, but as a Yankee it's been difficult for me to adjust to a more southern state. Hope all goes well for you with whatever the future holds in store for you.

  2. Wow, that's a big decison. My sister and her family moved to South Carolina 2 years ago for her husband's job. The schools down there are so terrible (ranked 49 out of 50) that she homeschools. What better than a teacher with 13 years of experience to homeschool, though. I certainly never regretted staying home with my kids as long as I could (8 years). Best years of my life, and theirs! Good luck!

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