Warm enough for the park and some photos

Today we were blessed with a warm enough day to go to our neighborhood park.  As you can see from the pictures – Weeman was super happy.  Mommy enjoyed playing with her new camera too.  I was going to join up with Cozy.Cottage.Cute. and her photo a day for 7 days – but as you can tell I’ve always been an overacheiver – so she may not want me.  I couldn’t narrow down my pics to one favorite… although I do have one that’s a little more artsy – even though it was unintentional.  So here’s our trip to the park in pictures with a few words thrown in.
Riding on the Bumble Bee

PeterPan and his shadow

Inside the tube – the red color was an unexpected surprise

I’m too big for the baby slides mama… I only do BIG slides now that I’m 2

WeeMan in the fishbowl

He was doing Superman seconds before I snapped the picture. Then he decided he didn’t like swinging

WeeMan’s new haircut (Where’d my baby go?)

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