All about Me

Ultimate Blog Party 2011
Hi! My name is Becky.  This is my second year joining the Ultimate Blog Party.  I’m super excite to make some new bloggy friends.  Welcome to my home – this is our front porch in the summer.  It doesn’t look quite so good right now.
I’m a mom to WeeMan.  He’s two and he is always on the move.  He’s our miracle baby.  He was conceived through IVF after two and a half very long, heartbreaking years.   We might as well nickname him Evil Knieval because he’s always doing something that makes my heart stop. 

For example this is how he decided to get to the slide.  He was halfway up before I could get to him and I couldn’t get a picture of it b/c I was too busy biting my fingernails and praying he didn’t fall.

Here’s the other man in my life.  My Hubby.  He is my biggest blessing.  We’ve been married for five years and I wouldn’t change a day of it.  Our marriage only grew stronger because of our infertility issues.  He’s kind and loyal and loving and the best thing that ever happened to me.
We’re working our way through IVF again in the hopes of growing our family once more.  We had a failed attempt in March and our hoping to try one last time in June.
Here’s the my two favorite human men and our furry Beastie dog.  He was our first baby.  Becuse of that he’s spoiled rotten, but he’s wonderful with WeeMan.  They’re best friends.  He lets WeeMan climb all over him and tug on his ears and never bats an eye.
Besides being a mommy and a wife, I’m a fourth grade teacher.  I also like to cook, craft, and garden.  I’m always thrifting and searching for a bargain. (I LOVE garage sales!) I’m also constantly moving furniture and changing up our home. 

11 thoughts on “All about Me

  1. Great to get to know you a little better. Oh, how I LOVE yard-saling and bargains as well!!! My daughter is even into the yard-saling. She's asked me several times already when they start again. How can one NOT love yard-saling?! 🙂 Have a great Sunday!!! 🙂

  2. Here from UBP! I call my little guy WeeMan as well! My good friend ( has been struggling with infertility for three years now, so your journey sounds pretty familiar to me! Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi MamaMonki! Stopping by from UBP! Thanks for stopping by my blog… so glad to hear you like camping! We started with our little ones in the backyard and moved up from there! They love it now too! Love your the stacking dolls motive!

  4. Love your pics, did you mention what kind of camera you have that you want to marry? I found you through the UBP, I have a son named David as well and am a fellow hoosier! Can't wait to learn more about you!

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