Day of rest?

I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I spent the day working like a beaver.  I got a lot accomplished which makes me HAPPY.  I managed to get my front flower beds cleaned out.  Had to pull out all the dead lambs ear from last year… which for some reason kinda grosses me out.  Also pulled out all the tiny maple seeds popping up and the dead leaves.  Hooray for me! 

This morning before church I had time to organize my freezer.  Pulled out two bags of frozen bags chicken breasts and threw them in the crockpot.  Once they were cooked down I shredded them and seperated them into 4 quart containers.  I figure this will be pretty handy for casseroles and burritos.  Saw it on Mom’s Plans – don’t know why I never thought of it myself before.  I’ve been doing that with hamburger for a year now.  One of those duh things I guess. 

Also managed to get some reading in, teach Sunday school, make lunch, and catch up with a friend.  Pretty productive day all in all.  Maybe that means I’ll be able to slow down this week and enjoy break.  I’m definitely looking forward to staying home as much as possible.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. So maybe I’ll get some bread baked and in the freezer.  Tuesday I’m scrapbooking with a friend, Wednesday I’m meeting a high school friend halfway between here and there for lunch and some time for the kiddos to play, then Thursday my mom is coming up and we’re going to the mall to use my groupon for Barnes and Noble before it expires and my coupons and gymbucks for Gymboree.  I know we’ll stay so busy this week it will fly by.  So maybe tomorrow, I’ll forget about baking and just relax…. we’ll see what the day brings.


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