My Spring Break Plans and my picture for the day

Spring break officially began yesterday at 2:30.  I’m so glad it’s finally here.  The week was ROUGH and I know my kiddos needed a break.(I did too.)  So far we have partied all night long last night.  (Not by mommy’s choice – but WeeMan’s.  Apparently he wasn’t tired last night) We’ve also gone to one garage sale – got a cupcake carrier, a new throw for the porch swing, and a planter/window for the front porch.  We also got groceries at Aldi’s, played at the park, and picked up some goodies at the butcher shop including the most incredibly yummy sweet and sour pickles by a company called Rickle’s.  Then it was home for a nap and some laundry until daddy got home and we headed back to Walmart for a few necessities. (Turns out mommy left her atm card in the atm and so will be writing checks until the bank sees fit to mail her card back. Sigh. Oh well at least I won’t be spending as much money.)

Tomorrow we’re going on a sack lunch picnic with another family from church.  As long as the weather cooperates. (Please cooperate mother nature!) Tomorrow night is a big night for us too.  Hubby gets to rent Wrestlemania on PPV. (It’s his big splurge for the year)  I used to make fun of him for watching the wrestling… but this year I’m planning snack foods (Don’t tell anyone – but it is kinda addicting)

Also on the agenda for the week is some scrapbooking, freezer cleaning and organizing, chicken cooking for freezing, bread making, thrinfting, and general spring cleaning.  Plus WeeMan and I will be spending some serious time at the park and working on potty training.  Hopefully the weather cooperates!

Help, Mama! I stuck.

Here’s my picture for the day.  I’m participating with the following bloggers in Cozy. Cottage. Cute.‘s photo a day for 7 days challenge.

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