Marriage Changes us All

I used to be the girl that made fun of people who watched wrestling.  I couldn’t imagine why people would pay what they pay to to watch Wrestlemania.  I just couldn’t understand the phenomenon.  And now…. well let’s just say I’ve been brainwashed.  My idea of a good soap opera used to be The Young and the Restless or Days of our Lives during summer break.  Shoot I would never even record girl soaps when I was back at work…. I stopped watching ER when it became too much of a soap opera in college and I was never drawn into the Desperate Housewives or Gray’s Anatomy saga.  I just didn’t have the patience for it.  Well tonight I have a confession to make.

I have become a WWE junkie.  Tonight thanks to my hubby I found myself planning munchies for the big dance – nope not talking about the NCAA championship – that’s tomorrow night.  (I will be watching and rooting on our Indiana Cinderella team – Go Butler!) But tonight I planned a menu out for Wrestlemania XXVII.  Not only did I make food to be ingested during the biggest male soap opera night of the year…. I watched it.  Not only did I watch it … I found myself rooting for the good guys.  Yelling things like “Bite him in the leg!” or “Hit him again!”  Seriously – how did this happen…. how did I wind up here  knowing the names of the wrestlers and thoroughly irritated that they refuse to reveal the Anonymous Raw General Manager. (Hello this story line has been going on since June.  Don’t you think it’s time to move on?) How did I end up cheering during the much publicized Undertaker match… holding my breath and hoping that he would be defeated. 

I’m a sane, educated woman.  I like to read and garden and shop for bargains.  I don’t watch wrestling…. okay I didn’t used to watch wrestling.  I’ve been brainwashed – sucked into the masses.  Just goes to show that having it on every Monday night while I blog… well even if it’s in the background – it can get you.  At least I put sushi on the menu for the munchies tonight.  (Gotta keep some civilization)  Of course I was the only one eating it – hubby was feasting on meatballs and nacho cheese (made with good old Velveeta and salsa)

Guess I can’t complain too loudly though.  After all hubby has been known to watch an episode or two of “What Not to Wear” or things on HGTV and Food Network with me.  See marriage does change you!


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