Spring Break Day 1 and a Bib Necklace

Day one of spring break and I stayed busy.  House is cleaned (well mostly).  Ran the sweeper on all the furniture and mopped the kitchen.  Took WeeMan for a walk in between rain storms.  Made steaks for dinner on the grill – during a rain storm.  Then I got seriously motivated and decided to make a bib necklace.  I’ve been seeing them on etsy and couldn’t make up my mind how I felt about them.  But I decided it would be a nice springy touch with a plain t-shirt.  So I wanted to make my own.  I made it with things I had on hand – so it was free – which makes it even better.  Here’s what I did.
First I found a cheap old necklace and pulled the giant shell off the chain. 

Then I cut the chain in half – well as close as I could without measuring b/c who wants to measure.

Then I dumped out the bag of yo yo’s I had bought off etsy a while back for a wreath project that never happened.  I think I paid $3 or $4 for a sandwich bag full. (Yep I could have done this part myself – but by the time I bought fabric it would have cost me more)
 Then I tried to lay them out in some sort of design. Origiinally I thought I would use all the colors… then I decided to limit it to three colors.  Here’s my beginning experiment.

I just stitched them together.  The back looks a little messy, but no one’s going to see the back.

Here’s my finished necklace.  I stuck to blue, yellow, and green.  I saved some green to use with pink  in another one when I get another chain. 
Do you think it’s too big?

I also decided to make some honey wheat bread this afternoon.  The whole house smells amazing right now.  I have a super easy recipe – that tastes delish.  Especially with Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon butter.

Also thought I’d post some pictures of proof that spring is coming.  These are my tomato and pepper starters I planted about two weeks ago on a warm sunny weekend.  Someone told me not to be sad if I didn’t get many to come up and as you can see almost every little pod has at least one plant.  I’m going to have to gift some to the neighbors, since my garden is so tiny.
So all in all day one was a pretty good day in spite of the rain and the thunderstorms.  Tomorrow we’re going to a friend’s house to scrapbook and play.  Hopefully it will be a good day too!
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10 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 1 and a Bib Necklace

  1. MMMMMmmmm – homemade bread. Would love to see a tutorial on that. Thanks for the pics on the bib necklace – looks like something I can do! It is so exciting to see seedlings – and yes you have a good crop. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a boo and the baking soda eggs. It is nice to meet you! See you again, soon.

  2. You had a very productive day! I wish I could get through that amount of fun/work in one day! The necklace turned out great! It's breakfast time at my house, and oh my goodness, that bread is calling to me! I'm your newest follower.

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