Spring Break Day 2

Another good day in my book.  WeeMan and I headed over to a friends house for a playdate for him and some scrapbook time for the mommies.  (of course scrapbook time usually translates to sit around and visit, but that is a okay with me.) Unfortunately I forgot the camera at home.  Otherwise you’d be looking at perfectly adorable pictures of WeeMan covered in ice cream cone and chasing his friend C around the house trying to get the “zooju pet” Hate to jump on the band wagon, but I’m thinking a zhu zhu pet may be in the Easter basket. 

I did manage to get one page halfway scrapped and pictures sorted for a couple more pages.  Also managed to get mostly caught up on my Beth Moore reading for tomorrow night’s small group and made another bib necklace – this one pink and green.  I’ll be wearing one of them tomorrow down to my lunch/ thrift shopping date with one of my besties. 

Yep tomorrow is going to be a good day.  I get to spend the day with one of my besties.  My Karen-tree.  She’s been a rock through my life since high school.  Isn’t it funny how some friends can be apart for a long time and then just fit right back together like there was never a gap? We drifted apart during college, but right before my wedding and turning 30 God moved her back into my life.  Just in time for the battle that lay ahead for Steve and I.  See she has fought infertility too.  She is now the proud mommy of 6 littles.  Two sets of twins through ivf after several miscarriages, and then two singles in the past three years that were surprise blessings. See she was told she had about a 3% chance of every conceiving on her own.  But God blessed her.  Of all my friends, she is the only one I know that could handle 6 kids and do it with style and finesse.  She’s been my rock through all of our ups and downs with infertility.  One time I was thanking her for just being there to listen to me rant and rave about how unfair it was and she told me she thought God blessed her with infertility so that she could support other people.  See she’s a nurse and there have been many times when she has had to share her story with hurting women who have miscarried or given up hope.  Did I mention that she’s one of my heroes?  I mean seriously she can see a purpose for being infertile – she can find a blessing in something that hurts like the dickens.  Yep – Karen-tree is my hero and one of my very best friends and I get to spend the day with her and two of her littles tomorrow. 

Only one thing marred the happiness of today and that was the news I read on my friend Courtney’s facebook page.  This is infuriating to me – are you sitting down…. In HONOR of National Infertility Week  Peta is having a contest to give away a free vasectomy to some lucky man – it will help with the problem of human overpopulation which is causing the animal population to suffer.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? What genius thought this was a stellar idea? Was the goal to be as offensive as possible.  You can go to Keiko’s Blog to read more about it.  Yes this is completely for real. 


3 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 2

  1. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friend Karen. She sounds like an amazing and strong women. I can't believe about PETA that's just cruel, sick, and wrong. I'm so sorry to hear that your recent IVF failed. It's such a devastating blow. I hope they have some answers for you and you and I get to try again in June and we get BFP's! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and thanks for following my blog!

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