Spring Break Day 3 – Sandbox Mania

Wow! Another great day.  We had an amazing day shopping with my friend Karen and her little girls.  WeeMan loved spending the day with Jorgia or George as he called her.  He threw quite a fit when it was time to come home.  My heart aches as we try for another baby because I don’t want him to always be an only child.  He gets along so well with everyone – he was even playing with Karen’s 3 month old – tickling her toes and talking to her.  Such a sweet WeeMan.
When we got home it was gorgeous outside – so we threw our things in the house and opened up the sand box.  WeeMan was having a great time digging and mommy was having a blast playing with the new camera.  Lots of pictures of his chubby little baby hands today.  Already he’s so independent and I know it won’t be long, that those hands will be big boy hands.  Can I just repeat for the bazillionth time that I love my new camera – I kinda want to marry it that’s how much I love it.

This one hear just tugs at my heart -there’s just something about those grubby little fingers

His constant companion, Bear,  deserted right beside the sandbox

Love my baby feet


My only blooming plants right now – love the color that the camera captures

Bubble gun – so serious as he tries to work it
Mom came up this afternoon and we wrapped the day up with Papa Murphy’s pizza – gourmet vegetarian d-lite for me.  Seriously zucchini on pizza is genius.  Then WeeMan and grammy spent some time playing outside while mommy went to her Beth Moore study group.  This week was all about faith and let me tell you that lady knows what she’s talking about.  Some of the parts hit home so hard they hurt.  Super exciting news is that a group from church is going to hear her speak in Louisville in June and me and one of my besties are going – girl’s weekend!!  Yaaaay!!
Tomorrow’s agenda involves driving to Mishawaka/ South Bend to the mall for some shopping and then meeting my brother in Goshen for dinner.  Hopefully it will be another good day.  I’ve got $20 groupon to Barnes and Noble and then I’ve got gymbucks and a Gymboree coupon and they’re having a sale -so I’m hoping I get some good deals.  Maybe something for WeeMan to wear for Easter.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 3 – Sandbox Mania

  1. Looks like you are having fun w/the new camera! You are taking great pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! And I know how you feel about avoiding the closet thing I did it too for a while! Have a great day!

  2. Not sure how to reply to a comment through my blog! Still earning these things! I can't wait for our sandbox to be not soo cold 🙂 BTW…Olive is still a little too young for the scooter…we mainly push her, but she likes to put her helmet on and pretend. hah.

  3. Because I am behind a post or two what kind did you get? You must be excited learning new things and capturing the different faces of your son at play.I'll be back Ive gotta see your progress and see how much your wee man continues to grow. Thanks for sharing a small piece of your life with us .Blessings to you~Meme

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