Last Days of break

The last days of break were mostly perfect.  Yesterday WeeMan, my mom and I headed up north to Mishawaka and South Bend for some shopping – I had coupons and gift certificates and gymbucks to use.  As usual WeeMan got a bag full of things and mommy came home with a sweater and some groceries from Sam’s Club.  I lead an exciting life.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow – but I’ll just tell you a good chunk of time was spent in the play area – letting WeeMan run, run, run.  We also made a stop at Build a Bear for a bunny, and the clearance racks at Crazy 8 and Gymboree are missing a lot of 2T items.  But I didn’t overspend.  Most fun purchase was a book called “Bear in Underwear” WeeMan loves it and has asked me to read it to him several times and was found on the couch “reading” it to Bear and Hop (the new bunny).  We wrapped up the day with dinner with my baby brother at Chili’s… where we had the slowest server in the history of the world.  But we were finished in time for a quick run through of Sam’s club for necessities like yogurt and laundry detergent.

Today I was able to hit some garage sales with a friend in spite of the dreary weather.  Lucked into a great one for 3T clothes and have a tote now started for next year.  I’m discovering that  bigger boy clothes at yard sales are not in the best shape – so when you find a good source you need to stock up.  I also brought home a tote of like new Hot Wheels for $2 – I’ll be using those as Easter basket stuffers and potty training rewards, and a three wheel radio flyer scooter.  I thought we might be able to use it by the end of summer… but WeeMan had other plans.  I brought it in to show him and pushed him for about half a second then he wanted to do it himself, “I do it mommy” so I showed him how to do it… and now my two year old baby is mostly riding a scooter on his own.  When he gets tired or comes to a turn he takes both feet off and straddles it and pushes with both feet… but he’s really got the idea of how to do it.  Seriously – my baby boy isn’t really a baby anymore.  Maybe I should forget the tricycle and be looking for a two wheeler small enough for him. (I’m just kidding here – for the most part) 

We also ran errands – CVS – where I spent almost $40 on basics and came home with $29 of extracare bucks.  (Not bad!  I bought diapers and tp for crying out loud!) , the grocery store (which was full of older people in sweatpants today… and not the kind that’s semi acceptable to wear in public, and the jewelry store where I picked up my now repaired grandma’s promise ring.  We wrapped up tonight at the JayCees fish fry. (Hubby has joined the JayCee’s ) Now I’m watching Friday night man drama – aka Friday Night Smackdown- with hubby.  Yep – my life is super exciting.

I’ll post pics from the past two days tomorrow… hopefully!


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