Wrapping up Spring Break with more Pics

As promised here are the pictures from the mall and I wrapped up the week with some pictures of my favorite WeeMan on his scooter.  We also went to the city today for lunch with a friend at MacCallister’s Deli.  (Yummy! We’d never been there before and we’re very happy) We stopped at PetSmart for another snail and somehow also came home with a “Fwoggy”  – what can I say we’re suckers for “Pwease”, while daddy and WeeMan we’re browsing the critters mommy snuck away to browse the clearance at Pier 1(Found some awesome recycled glass votives for 58 cents each) We wrapped up the day with a stop at Menards for shelving for the laundry room -pix forthcoming once I get it organized.
Riding the overpriced merry-go-round conveniently placed right in the middle of the food court

Waiting his turn at Build a Bear to build a bunny

Filling the bunny with fluff

Warming his heart and making a wish

Playing in the free play area and having a blast

Snack break with Hopper

Making funny faces

What we spied on our way to the car – mama duck sitting on her nest

Riding his new used scooter in the beautiful spring weather

We couldn’t get over how he easily he took to it

“I go fast mama”
One last day of break before work on Monday.  Hopefully it’s another good one!

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