And the verdict is….

We’ve got one more try and we’re going to use it this summer.  If we would have any to freeze this go round then we will have two more tries.  Dr B said he wouldn’t change a thing.  Everything looked really good last time.  In fact was perfect on paper they just didn’t stick.  I’m sure God has a reason/ plan… but it’s hard to hear that.

I did ask about my blood pressure.  I’ve had borderline high blood pressure for several years and was actually on something for it when we got pregnant with WeeMan.  My bp dropped while I was pregnant so my doc took me off the meds and it’s not been as bad since.  However – during the process I had some days where my bp was pretty high.  He said it shouldn’t have mattered unless it was really high after the transfer… but I have to wonder if it could have spiked and if that could have been the problem.  (I can’t help looking for a fixable explanation… ) So I have an appt with my doctor for the 27th, and I will be asking him to put me back on something safe for pregnancy for my bp.  Plus I’ll be watching my diet really carefully the next couple of months and doing as much walking as possible now that it’s nice out – finally! Hopefully those changes will be just what we need to make this time work.  This will be our last fresh try, so I’ve got to do what I can.  Of course I’m also going to be doing a LOT of praying. 


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