Time to Make a Change and our weekend

First off I’m making a BIG change starting tomorrow.  I signed up online for Weight Watchers.  I’m going to do the meeting thing – because I totally need the accountability.  I’m afraid if I just do the Weight Watchers online I will never follow through…. or I will but only for the first couple of weeks.  I decided to do the pay by the month thing though because I get the etools free that way, I don’t have to pay the $20 registration fee, and it averages out about $3 cheaper a meeting.  You know me – ever the bargain shopper. 

What brought all of this about… well I’ve been stewing and worrying about my blood pressure and my weight and wondering if that’s why the last IVF cycle didn’t work.  Knowing that we only have one more shot left… I’ve got to do something to make a difference.  I also started reading “Flowers for Maddy” – heartbreaking book and anyways it just kept gnawing at me that if I don’t do something I may not be here for WeeMan’s graduation or to see him walk down the aisle.  So I’m making a change (and I’ll be completely honest here – I’m hoping that my change rubs off on hubby too. Without any nagging!)

I’ve thought about Weight Watchers off and on for a long time, but I went a couple of times with my mom when I was in junior high and I think I looked around at those women – who were my mom’s age, but to a 13 year old seemed so old and weird.  (I’m pretty sure to a 13 year old anyone over 20 is old!)  I just was embarrassed and hate to admit I need the help.  ( You know me – Miss Independent)

As for the weekend – it was a good one.  Saturday night hubby and I had date night for April.  Dinner at the Brickhouse Grill.  (Mmmmmmm delish!) Then we went to see a movie and I got to pick this time…. so we went to see “Scream 4” .  (Yep I love me a scary movie) It was pretty good too.  Only one scene was horribly gruesome.  I like scary movies that don’t gross me out too much.  I’m pretty sure that this means I’ll be going to see Transformers 3 or IronMan 3 or XMen 56 with hubby this summer.  But that’s okay.  It was so worth it.

Today we went down to my mom’s for Easter. Good time visiting with everyone and loved watching WeeMan and CutiePie play. Plus it was my last chance to pick out on the yummy stuff before starting this whole adventure tomorrow. (First Weight Watcher’s meeting is tomorrow night. I’ll let you know how it goes.)

I’ll leave you with pictures from our day at Mom’s. There was an egg hunt for the two munchkins of course.

Uncle R helped CutiePie out

Isn’t she just adorable – she took it so seriously

WeeMan moved much slower and didn’t find as many

The great egg crash of 2011

WeeMan expressing his displeasure after the egg crash

Riding the trucks

So Cute

Love that grin

Typical WeeMan expression – think it comes from daddy

2 thoughts on “Time to Make a Change and our weekend

  1. XMen 56, hahahaha, that cracked me up. Way to go for joining WW! I know so many who have stuck with it because of the accountability, so I applaud you! Cute pics of the kids, I can't believe it's Easter already…or that April is about over. Ahhh!

  2. Congratulations on joining Weight Watchers. My sister swears by it. She's been doing it for three years (she's been on maintenance for two of those). Let us know how it goes!

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