My Springy Wreath

After spending the week stepping on stray Easter egg halves thanks to WeeMan I was about sick of the whole egg theme.  Time to put the bunnies and the eggs away and just add some spring touches. 
I decided to switch my Target egg wreath out for some other spring decor this evening.   Unfortunately I had zilch… so I put together some of my own from scraps around the house.  I began by burning my fingers repetitively while fashioning some rosettes from fabric scraps.  I’m not loving the colors, but they’ll do for now.  Then I glued them to an old grape vine wreath I had.  Hmmm looked a little bare. That’s when I remembered the Spanish Moss I had bought for Halloween decor.  Perfect birds nest materials.  But still a little bare.  So I added a bird whistle bought at a festival and collecting dust in my kitchen window.  I love the vintage look of the bird whistle.  Not bad for being thrown together if I do say so myself!
Little birdy in her nest

Here are some other pictures from my front porch.  It’s beginning to be a little more colorful.  I picked up some petunias for 89 cents at Walmart yesterday.  My washtub needed some color. 

This is my favorite wreath.  It’s just a grapevine wreath with a plaque from a friend.  Wrapped in fake vine from Big Lots and topped with a yellow bow.

Can you see my little froggy hiding in the petunias.  He’s very realistic looking up close.

The whole thing together

Another corner of my porch.  The daffodils are fake – but I think they look pretty good

I love this bunny. Found him while thrifting last summer.  He’s all handcarved from a solid piece of wood.  I think I paid $5 for him
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10 thoughts on “My Springy Wreath

  1. Your wreath is lovely! The birdy whistle in her nest speaks of spring, for sure! You did really great with the things you already had – yay! I'm visiting from Homemaker's linky party.

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