My Weigh In

I did pretty good last week with Weight Watchers. I managed to keep to my points… although a few of those small pesky peanut butter eggs slid through. The weekend was rough – I think that’s going to be where I have the most trouble. We like to eat out on the weekend. I did go ahead and buy the eating out point guide tonight. Maybe I can use it to help us pick restaraunts and make good choices there. It’s hard though because several of our favorites are small locally owned places. I also struggled to get my water drank this weekend. I didn’t carry my big bottles around, which is why. In spite of that and my laziness- I’m pleased to announce I lost 4 pounds. Hopefully I can do at least as well this week, if not better.

I’ll be back tomorrow to post some pics of the weekend. My eyes are getting heavy right now!


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