Wonderings and Ponderings

I know I promised pictures today, but I got distracted by a book. ( anyone who knows me knows that’s not a surprise.) It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book I just don’t want to stop reading. I think the last one was “The Help” – love that book. I’m reading “Water for Elephants” right now and I don’t know how I’m going to go to bed – I find myself trying to communicate with the characters and tell them what they should do – yes I know they’re in the book and that makes me slightly crazy, but darn it it’s a good book. My heart is aching for Marlena and Jacob and Rosie. I NEED to keep reading so I know how it ends. I love when a book hits you that way and makes you want to read and read some more. I wish there was a way to show my kids that when I’m teaching reading. But I know that different people find that connection with different kinds of books. Shoot there may be people out there reading this right now thinking how can she like that book. It was horrible. (If so they are clearly nuts!)

In between bouts of reading today I found myself doing odds and ends and pondering this and that. Some of the things I did today
* cleaned out my closet at work (It was a a DISASTER – who builds a closet and doesnt’ put in shelves)
* Making a list of stuff to buy for my room next year (hopefully at garage sales) Number one on that list is some stacking shelves for my closet. (Seriously!)
* searching online for Weight Watchers recipes. (anybody have any good websites out there? I’m desperate)
* Investigating CSA farms in our area and trying to do some price analysis. Maybe going in with a friend on a membership for the summer since we both live in town and can’t have a large garden
* Looking for U pick patches for berries for the summer
* Walking with a good friend after work instead of Zumba. (hey it was GORGEOUS outside and Zumba just wasn’t my thing)
^Picking up a cheapo dvd player for the bedroom so I can do my Leslie Sansone walking videos when it rains.
*Thinking about my next crafty project and beginning to gather the pieces,
* Playing puzzles with my WeeMan and stuffed animals too.
* Reading more of my book.

As you can see I’m not sitting around twirling my thumbs. I’m keeping busy – even if it’s all disjointed and such!


4 thoughts on “Wonderings and Ponderings

  1. I just bought that book – hoping to start it next week after I finish a couple that are "next" in line. Glad to see you are over here. I just needed a change and am hoping this motivates me to blog more.

  2. Can't tell you how much I always enjoy my visits here. You're so open and real and your projects are do-able! I really need to join WW but am gluten free so ?? Love your wreaths n porch and all the family pics. What camera do you use? I *still* can't decide on hard to tote round, budget busting but simple DSLR or small pricey point n shoot… Truly value your input if you have a sec!xoLeslie

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