Let’s go Fly a Kite

Last Saturday ended up being a beautiful day with just a bit of wind.  As we came out of the theater from seeing “Rio” with WeeMan – we realized it was a perfect day for flying WeeMan’s first kite.  After a stop at Big Lots for a cheap kite, we were off to the park.  There was just enough wind that Hubby didn’t have to run to get the kite in the air.  After about 10 minutes of watching Hubby and the kite, independent WeeMan decided it was time to take charge.  Here’s the day in pictures.
My favorite picture.  The look on both their faces just says it all.

Such a big boy – he’s holding it all by himself in this picture

Mr. Cool

Our $1 Spiderman kite – WeeMan was flying at this point

Pure Joy – he figured out how to make it dance


oops!  He let it go

Kite vs. tree – tree won
Brokenhearted WeeMan

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