Rough Day

Rough day at our house today.  WeeMan decided to wake up at 1 am this morning and not go back to sleep until almost 5.  He and hubby stayed home from church and napped – but mommy had to go.  It was my Sunday to teach.  (Yep completely ironic that hubby got to stay home and nap when mommy was the one that was up all night with the partying WeeMan.  )  After church we went for Mexican.  I totally blew my points for the day.  But I had plenty of activity points and weekly points leftover so hopefully I’m okay.  Then hubby was off to a Jay-Cees meeting and I got to take grumpy WeeMan to the grocery store.  In the first aisle he proceeded to throw a fit and toss his binky under the shelving where it couldn’t be reached – so the rest of the grocery shopping trip was spent with him sobbing and mommy tossing stuff in the cart as quick as I could.  Of course the results of that were that I went over budget by $20 and didn’t get everything on my list and didn’t use all the coupons I had planned to use.  (Aaargh)  Once we were back home WeeMan was in better spirits, he found another bink and ready to play.  Mommy was exhausted and hovering near tears.  So being the terrible tired mommy I am – I turned on “Cars” and took a nap while WeeMan played with his cars and watched “Cars”.  It was the best for everyone.  Mommy woke up much less grumpy.

Saturday was okay.  Weeman and I went garage saling with a friend and her little girl and didn’t have much luck.  Found a few things and lost one.  WeeMan lost his blue puppy that grandma gave him for Easter.  (Heartbreaking experience for him) Luckily the Hallmark store still had them so I was able to get a replacement.  The biggest bright spot was I was able to buy a size smaller capris at Penney’s.  They’re a little tight – but if things continue the way they have they should fit perfect in another couple of weeks.  (I had a coupon and they were on sale – so I couldn’t pass them up.)

Hopefully the week ahead will be better.  I’m really hoping things will dry out so I can get hubby to till my garden.  I’ve already told him I want plants for Mother’s Day – so I think we’ll be going to the greenhouse on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Rough Day

  1. (((HUGS))) Love the real life. Hope it REALly better now and your week's starting smoothly! I had one of those days yesterday and am easing into a more positive outlook after a better nights sleep. I find that *all my crankiness is fatigue alone. Sleep, prayers, peace n water are all it takes to help restore me. And pretty posies! 😉 Have fun at the flower store and enjoy a beautiful Mother's Day!xoLeslieps- the camera info was MUCH appreciated and yours looks great! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. I hope you get all the garden items you need.I love to garden this summers events have put a damper on things for me.Good for you as well that your weight goals are coming right along Im cheering for you.You have a Happy Moms Day as well.Thanks for visiting me!

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