Dreaming of Coneys

That’s right I’m on week 2 of Weight Watchers and I spend much of my ride too and from work dreaming of drive thru food.  Mmmmmmm chili cheese dog from DQ – yes thank you.  Maybe with a side of McDonald’s fries or a Nacho Supreme from Taco Bell.  How about a ginormous sweet tea from McD’s or maybe a Frosty from Wendy’s.  I drive on even though I hear them whispering my name.  My mouth waters at the thought of that juicy spicy salty coney mess.  Two weeks in seems awful early to be longing for my old friends.  If I’m going through withdrawal now – where will I be a month down the road on summer vacation?  Hopefully not sitting in the drive thru!

On a good note in spite of the yearning – I remain strong.  I managed to lose 2 pounds this week – which kind of stinks – since I worked out almost every night this past week.  I know the weekend was rough.  I didn’t get my water drank and I used my extra points at Los Amigos.  Mmmmmmm queso dip – you’re so yummy yet so so evil.  You taunt me – dripping from WeeMan’s chips and his chin.   So my grand total for two weeks is 6 pounds – I guess that’s not too shabby after all.


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