Weekend Plans

Another weekend – finally.  Only 16 more school days left – and yep I’m counting.  The big plans for this weekend are
* Drag the tubs of little clothes upstairs and start pricing for next weekends garage sale.  Ugh!!  I can’t even decide how to price things.  Is $2 to much for nice toddler jeans?  Would you pay $3 for a nice outfit?  $1 for sleepers?  This is the stinky part of having a garage sale – the prep and the clean up.  I’m going to cart everything over to my friends house.  She lives in a subdivision (the nicest one in town) and they’re having a subdivision wide sale next weekend.  Fingers are crossed that I’ll do well. (Especially with rumors of potential layoff still hovering for hubby)
* For Mother’s Day we’re going to the greenhouse.  (We’re actually going on Saturday) I told Hubby I’d rather we spent the money he’d spend on a gift on flowers and garden plants.  I’m hoping for tomatoes, banana peppers, jalapenos, and cucumbers in our garden this year.  I’ll have to visit the farmer’s market for everything else.  (Wish my garden was bigger) I need to make a list before we go so I don’t end up with too much of anything.  Also going to squeeze in a grocery trip to Aldi’s, lunch at a pretty little cafe, and hopefully laundry and hanging it out .(Please come out tomorrow Mr. Sun)
*Sunday after church we’re off to Anderson for dinner with my family.  We’re going to Red Lobster.  I’ve already figured out my points and know what I can eat.  Yaaay for fish.  (I’m going to have to be strong around those cheddar bay biscuits though.  Oh I love and miss my carbs.)  Hopefully I’ll get some serious walking in at the greenhouse on Saturday to make up for the extra points from eating out.

That about sums up our weekend.  Tonight I’m going to go color my hair with my bargain dye.  I finally scored one of those super cheap deals everybody dreams of.  John Frieda foaming mousse hair color for $1.15 – normally $13.99 at CVS.  Woohoo – go me.


One thought on “Weekend Plans

  1. Let me know how that foam hair color works! We had a garage sale at my Mom's this weekend. She kept griping at me because I priced all my stuff for .50 and $1, but by golly I've sold most of it! (still going tomorrow) so, in other words, unless you want to handle it a few times, price it to sell!

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